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Search, find, save, and share the perfect outdoor adventure gear for your next trip, all from your desktop or mobile. Don’t see anything in your area? Be the first to start the trend!


Message the owner to get more information, haggle on the sale price or arrange a viewing. The hardest part is deciding what gear and where.


Go on an adventure, save money and help the planet by buying second-hand gear from locals. Purchases are completed offsite after you have had a chance to view the gear in person.

Own Extra Gear?

Sign up and list your own – it’s FREE to list – we don’t take a commission from our owners and you can post as many items as you would like.
Update, pause or remove your listings at any time.

Peer-To-Peer  🌎  Gear Sharing  🌎  For The Planet

♻️ This is a user-driven platform for you to post a gear listing or shop for second-hand gear with the security of our professional support.

♻️ Why? Because there are outdoor enthusiasts around the globe that share the common desire to experience all the beauty of this world and might not possess all the gear necessary to do so. When you travel it isn’t always easy to bring all your gear with you, or maybe your gear is worn out and you need “new” stuff, but could make do with something used that still has a lot of life left in it.

♻️ Whatever your reason for getting involved, we’re excited to welcome you! We hope to fuel new connections and bring awareness to gear reuse and sustainable adventuring.

Outdoor Rental & Consignment Businesses

We are putting together a directory of outdoor gear rental and consignment businesses to help users find more second-hand gear options and promote awesome businesses that we think you should know about. Here’s a sneak peek:

Know an outdoor gear rental or consignment business that should be added to the directory?
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``This was the most seamless transaction. Joe was accommodating and the Yakima was exactly what we needed to get all our Christmas gifts to Kelowna.`` (on Yakima Skybox 18 for rent)
Reid, AB Canada Great Service!
``Great people to work with - professional, obliging, and attention to detail. Highly recommended!!``
Ernie, AB Canada Great People To Work With!
``Excellent customer service - I was provided with help and tips from listing to the sale of my jacket - I'd highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to sell their gear on a reputable website. Thank you... for all your assistance.``
Keith, NB Canada Excellent Customer Service!