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What Is Peer To Peer Gear Renting?

This is a user-driven platform for you to post a gear listing or book a gear rental with the security of our online booking platform and professional support. Why? Because there are outdoor enthusiasts around the globe that share the common desire to experience all the beauty of this world and might not possess all the gear necessary to do so. When you travel it isn’t always easy to bring all your gear with you, or maybe you want to try a type of gear that only a particular part of the world has to offer. Whatever your reason for getting involved, we’re excited to welcome you! We hope to fuel some new connections, create some new adventures and bring awareness to gear reuse and reduced consumption.


Search, find, save, and share the perfect outdoor adventure gear for your next trip in your local area or across the globe, all from your desktop or mobile. Don’t see anything in your area? Be the first to start the trend!


Book a rental from a secure platform or contact the owner and ask any questions you have before sending a booking request. Receive support from us every step of the way. The hardest part is deciding what gear and where!


Go on an adventure, save money by renting from locals and experience something new! It’s an opportunity to connect with locals and like-minded adventurers.

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