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Interested in backpacking and camping, but finding the cost of gear is just too much to acquire everything you need this season? Consider renting or buying backpacking and camping gear on Never Tracked Out Gear Trade. You can get affordable backpacking and camping gear from locals. Join in on the gear sharing movement, rent or sell gear peer-to-peer and enjoy affordable rentals and purchases of backpacks, tents, hiking poles, sleeping bags, portable stoves, sleeping pads and more.

We are really just a couple of outdoor adventure seekers from Canada that love to get outside, don’t believe it should cost a fortune to do so and want to protect the land we all love to explore.

The idea for Never Tracked Out Gear Trade came to life in 2016 after we held a virtual garage sale in the town of Revelstoke, BC, Canada. We had an abundance of extra household items when we moved and wanted to connect with our new community through a not-so-typical garage sale. After seeing how excited people were about acquiring quality items at affordable prices, we were hooked. Outdoor adventuring is a favorite past-time of ours, so it was only natural to zero in on outdoor adventure gear as our second-hand product of choice.

Kelly has a love for hiking, stand up paddle boarding, camping, snowshoeing and all things outdoors and has acquired over 13 years of experience in recreation leadership, indoors and out. Darek loves being active in the outdoors and has an unyielding passion for skiing. When he isn’t outside pursuing adventure, he combines his degrees in finance and education to help small businesses build value in preparation for selling their enterprise.

If you have extra outdoor gear that is sitting unused, it could be just the thing someone else is looking for. Maybe your gear never really fit or you’re into something else now. Maybe it’s just stored away in a closet or a shed or under your bed… We want to save that gear! Why not recycle it, promote reuse and sustainability and help out a fellow adventurer or traveler? 

Never Tracked Out Gear Trade was built with the hope of connecting outdoor adventure enthusiasts across the globe with a gear-specific sharing platform that makes gear more accessible, sustainable and affordable. Our goal is to protect the planet and generate funds for the global charity, 1 % For The Planet, and the associated environmentally conscious non-profits across the globe. Every year we will donate a minimum 1% of our revenue to this global cause. If we have more to donate, we will give more. Keep spreading the word about Never Tracked Out – the more people we get involved, the more we can give.

Keep connected through FacebookInstagram and Twitter or join the community newsletter. Questions? Comments? Reach out to us at any time by email at

Happy adventuring,

Darek & Kelly 🙂