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So what is all this craziness about peer-to-peer gear sharing? How exactly does it all work?


1) Gear Owners Submit Listings

Gear owners (within Canada and the U.S.) can register for an account and post unlimited gear listings for FREE.

Sale listings can fall into many categories related to outdoor adventure including camping, backpacking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, paddling, biking, travel (etc.).

2) Contact The Owner

People around the globe, traveling to or living in Canada can search for gear listings in the area they want to buy. They can message the owner directly. Gear sales happen offsite, between the seller and the buyer once the buyer has had a chance to view the gear in person. We do not collect the money for gear sales, buyers can contact the owners directly to arrange for purchases offsite.


**Update January 1st, 2018: We are no longer offering gear rentals on Never Tracked Out**

1) Owners Can Accept or Deny Booking Requests

When an owner receives a rental booking request they can accept or deny it. If accepted, the renter is prompted to make a payment for the full amount of the booking. We capture the renter’s credit card information in case of excessive damage to or loss of the owner’s gear.

2) Rental Booking Confirmed

Once a rental booking has been fully paid for, the rental is confirmed. The owner and renter can exchange personal contact information and start arranging pick-up details for the booking. The owner may choose to send the renter a copy of the rental waiver that will be signed by both parties upon starting the rental period.

3) The Rental Happens!

The owner and renter meet up for the gear exchange at their pre-determined place and time. This is the cool part where you get to chat with someone who knows the ins and outs of their gear and their local area. Both parties should sign off on the rental waiver, take photos of any existing gear damage and exchange phone numbers in case of unforeseen changes to the drop-off plan. Now go enjoy your adventure!

4) The Rental Ends

When the booking period ends, the renter returns the gear to its owner on time to avoid any late return charges. If you get a chance, try to clean up the gear as best you can so you aren’t returning a muddy sopping mess back to the delightful owner that just loaned you their gear. The owner and renter can do a quick inspection of the gear to ensure its still in decent shape as they chat about the adventure that just took place. If the gear looks good and both parties are happy with the rental, your booking is complete!

If any major damage or loss of the gear occurred during the rental and you are having trouble coming to agreeable terms for compensation, please contact us and we will gladly assist. Charging the full rental value of damage is usually the last resort – we will always try to find a better solution.

5) Reviews

In order to keep the right people on this site, we have made it mandatory to review the owner after each rental booking is complete. Never Tracked Out will continuously monitor reviews and listings to maintain the integrity of the gear share and ensure anyone not following our user policies (terms of use) is promptly removed as a member.

6) The Owner Gets Paid

Once all is well, the rental period is over and a review has been submitted, we can go ahead and remit full payment to the owner vie E-transfer or PayPal, whichever they prefer.

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