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Own Used Gear? Here’s How To List It – For Rent or For Sale

So you’ve retrieved your extra outdoor gear from storage and are ready to list it in all its glory!
This article provides some helpful tips as you post your first gear listing on

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  • The Listing Title
    This is the most important part for initially catching a user’s attention – the title is the first thing a user reads. Make sure to include any applicable details in your title like the brand, the style or the size of the gear (i.e. “Coleman 2-Burner Portable Propane Camp Stove With Pot Set”).

Used Outdoor Gear Description

  • Gear Category
    Choose a category from the drop-down menu. Don’t see a category that fits your gear? Choose “Other” and we will see about creating a new category for your gear.
  • Listing Type
    Do you want to rent it? Sell it? Or both? Choose your preference from the drop-down menu.
  • How Many Renters Is It For?
    If you are listing a gear package or multiple pieces of used gear, choose how many renters your listing can accommodate. To list your gear for sale, simply choose ‘1’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Your City
    What city do you live in? Or where the gear is available for pick-up.
  • Your Neighborhood
    This is optional, but if you live in a big city you might want to narrow down your location by the neighborhood you live in (i.e. “downtown”).
  • The Gear Description
    After your listing title grabs the attention of the user, they will look for more details about your used gear. Be sure to include any important specs, package details (exactly what the rental or sale includes), current condition, existing damage, the make and the year.The more detail you give, the better chance that the right people will reply. Be friendly and don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality in your writing! Give an honest description of your gear so the user knows exactly what to expect when they arrive to pick up your gear – this also avoids an awkward meet up of presenting something that is clearly not what you advertised.


  • Renting
    You can enter different pricing options to give the user a discount and encourage longer rental bookings:
    – Price per day
    – Price per day if rented for more than 7 days
    – Price per day if rented for a month or more
    – There is also an option to change your daily price when a rental falls on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
    – Price Adjustments Calendar – use this calendar to change your rental price per day for specific dates (i.e. holidays, long weekends, off-season, shoulder season, etc.)
  • Selling
    Enter your sale price in the first field labeled ‘price in CAD $’ and leave the other fields blank.

Used Outdoor Gear PricingTHE GEAR PHOTOS!

Your photos are as important as your listing title! I can not stress this enough: This is the only visual a user has of your gear.

Used Outdoor Gear Photos

Make sure your photos are:

  • In Focus – a blurry photo is pointless for showing off your amazing gear!
  • Centered – center your gear in the photo to make the shot more professional
  • Uncluttered – remove mess from the background or around your gear
  • Well-Lit – dark photos are hard to see, ensure your gear has enough light on it, but not too much light that it is over-exposed
  • In Landscape Orientation – if using a smartphone make sure to turn your camera sideways to capture the shot in ‘landscape’ rather than ‘portrait’ mode.
  • Edited – make sure to double check your listing after it is posted to see if your photos are centered in the frame. You might have to crop your images a bit to adjust for sizing.

PRO TIP: Clean up your gear before taking pics and lending it out!

There is also an option to upload a video if you prefer to showcase your gear this way. Please keep your video length to a minimum to ensure your gear listing loads quickly.

THE GEAR DETAILS (for rentals only) Listing details of your used outdoor gear

This space gives you the option to enter your rental details including:

  • Gear Size – important for size-specific equipment such as skis
  • Your Preferred Pick-up / Drop-off times – when are you available to meet with renters?
  • Late return charge – usually equal to the amount of one day’s rental charge
  • Rental Value – the maximum amount that could be charged to the user should your gear get excessively damaged or lost. This should be equal to the current value of your second-hand gear.
  • Cancellation Policy – do you have a cancellation policy? Is 24hrs notice required for a full refund?


Time to list your location so users can find your stuff!

Listing Location For Your Used Gear

For more privacy and security, list the 100 block of your address instead of your exact number (i.e. 2000 instead of 2045). Once you connect with a potential user and finalize the booking you can decide on a public meeting space or provide them with your exact address.

Click the ‘Place Pin With Address’ button to accurately place your location on the map.


What are the features of your listing?

Used Outdoor Gear FeaturesCheck all boxes that apply:

– Is your gear for rent?
– Is your gear for sale?
– Is it available 7 days a week?
– Do you accept last minute bookings?


Click on the calendar to mark specific dates or weeks as “booked”. This option is helpful when you know you will be out of town or will be using your gear and want to make it unavailable for users to place a booking. You can edit this calendar and make changes to it at any time by logging into your account.

Blackout Calendar For Your Used Outdoor Gear

Want a break from listing your gear? You can pause your listing at anytime by logging into your account and clicking on ‘My Gear Listings‘. Look for the ‘pause’ or ‘play’ button underneath the gear photo. Click on this button to enable (will be visible on the site) or disable (will not be visible on the site) your listing without deleting it completely.

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