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Recycling Your Outdoor Gear: Renting vs Selling

MSR Guardian Water FilterWhat are the advantages of listing your adventure gear for RENT vs for SALE? There are benefits to both – but which one works best for YOU?


  1. You still want to use the gear
    It may not be your go-to piece of gear, but every now and then you still include it in your adventure trip repertoire. If you rent out your gear (instead of selling it) you can still use it or lend it out to adventure companions when needed. You can easily block off rental dates on your listing’s booking calendar so that certain dates become unavailable for others to book.
  2. Potential for repeat income
    Rentals are not a one time thing like selling is. Once you list your gear for rent your gear is visible to potential renters and travelers across the globe with unlimited repeat rental opportunity. You can pause your gear listing at anytime within your owner account and restart your listing when you’re ready to rent again. You might want to restrict your gear listing seasonally or at times that you aren’t globe trotting yourself. This platform is meant for maximum owner flexibility – the decisions are up to you!
  3. Connect with global travelers
    Your rental might come in super handy for travelers on a budget or out-of-towners. When you rent out your gear you create the potential to meet interesting people from around the world that share your passion for the outdoors. The networking possibility is endless and what better way to learn about other countries than from the locals themselves? Maybe they’ll even hook you up with extra gear when visiting their hometown.
  4. Start your own small business
    Itching to be an entrepreneur, but have no idea what business to start? If you have a passion for outdoor adventure, launching a rental business and working from home could be a great way to get started. You might already own some gear that you’re willing to rent out. Or, consider visiting your local sports consignment store to pick up some affordable second hand gear and start building your rental inventory. Spring and summer offer loads of opportunity to rent out popular outdoor items such as stand up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes and camping equipment. Fall and winter bring about snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, touring, snowshoeing and winter camping. Other unique rental ideas include roof top cargo boxes, hammocks and portable propane campfires.
  5. You own an adventure rental business
    We welcome small businesses and individuals to use this platform for the promotion of their outdoor gear rentals. If you offer fun rental opportunities or adventure tours, please feel free to list them (and your business) on this site. Keep in mind the purpose of this site – to increase affordability of outdoor gear, benefit travelers on a budget and promote environmental sustainability.


  1. You don’t use the gear anymore
    Whether you’ve upgraded your gear or moved on to a new activity, you might not have any use for your gear anymore. It might be taking up space in your storage when it could be a benefit to someone else. List your gear for sale and free up some storage space, promote recycling and prevent it from going to a landfill. People love deals, so if your gear is still in good condition definitely consider passing it on to others.
  2. You want the money ASAP
    Selling your gear can lead to a quick bump of your bank account. Gear that has been well taken care of or hardly used can often be sold for at least 50% of what you paid for it. Make sure to include details about the current condition of your gear in the gear description when submitting your listing. Potential buyers want to know what to expect when they view your gear in person. Clear, uncluttered photos are essential for getting the most out of your sale – include close up pictures of any wear and tear so the buyer doesn’t have any surprises when making their final decision to purchase or not.
  3. Your schedule is MAXED and then some
    If your calendar has more commitments than a politician during an election campaign you probably want to sell your gear quickly and never look back. Rentals require a bit more of a time commitment whereas meetups for gear sales can actually be quite quick. You can easily arrange a quick viewing of your gear at your daily coffee stop or somewhere along your commute.
  4. Networking opportunity with local adventurers
    Maybe you work in the outdoor industry or you are a travel blogger. Even quick meet ups to exchange second hand gear can lead to new connections in your local area. It’s a great opportunity to casually network with outdoorsy people in your community. You never know when a chance encounter might lead to a new Facebook follower, adventure partner or fun community meetup. I’m also pretty sure recycling and good deals put you on the “good kharma” radar ;).
  5. You own a sports consignment business
    We welcome small businesses and individuals to use this platform for the promotion of their second hand outdoor gear. If you sell quality outdoor gear, please feel free to list items (and your business) on this site. Keep in mind the purpose of this site – to increase affordability of outdoor gear, benefit travelers on a budget and promote gear recycling.

Can you think of other benefits of renting vs selling your outdoor adventure gear? Comment below with your ideas!

Written by Kelly
@ Never Tracked Out Gear Trade

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