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Refund & Sales Policy


Please note: “Rentor” is the person renting out their gear. “Rentee” is the person borrowing the gear.

Refunds will be given to Rentees if the Rentor does not fulfill their responsibilities and/or uphold all details of the rental booking made on Never Tracked Out Gear Trade. This includes, the booking date/time, rental duration, the location of pick-up and the condition of the gear being in the condition as advertised on Never Tracked Out Gear Trade. If the Rentor does not uphold any of the above conditions, the Rentee can Contact Us for possible re-negotiation of the rental booking or refund of the Rentee’s booking fees.

No shows: If a renter does not show up to pick up their rental and has not contacted the owner or a member of the Never Tracked Out Gear Trade team they will be charged the full amount of the rental period.

Never Tracked Out quotes a rental value amount for the current value of the rental gear to the Rentee with each booking. This rental value amount is meant to protect the Rentor from late returns & excessive damage or loss of the Rentor’s gear. In the case of gear damage or loss, we encourage the Rentor and Rentee to try and work something out between them before resorting to the full rental value. If there are no late return charges and/or gear damage and/or loss then the rental value will not be charged to the Rentee. Never Tracked Out Gear Trade requires photos of the gear before and after the rental to verify that any damage occurred during the rental.


Gear sales are completed between the owner and the buyer offsite, in-person. Never Tracked Out Gear Trade is not responsible for any final sale transactions that take place between the seller and the buyer offsite. The sale listings on this site are meant to advertise the gear and provide a means of contact for buyers with the intent of completing sales offsite.

We want to create an enjoyable gear trade experience for all buyers, sellers and renters and always welcome your feedback. Please Contact Us for any clarification of this policy.