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Are These 5 MYTHS Preventing You From Renting Your Used Outdoor Gear?

If these 5 myths have been preventing you from listing your used outdoor gear on Never Tracked Out we’re sorry to tell you, they simply aren’t true…
rent skis and boots peer-to-peer

Myth #1: Listing My Gear Takes Too Long

It’s actually quite quick to sign up and post your first used gear listing. You can sign up with just your email address and a password – then get straight to adding a gear listing.

The most “time-consuming” part of posting your gear is taking the photos. This does need to be done with some diligence so that potential renters can see how awesome your gear is. However, snapping a few in-focus, free-of-clutter photos is very quick once you pull your used gear out of storage. You can also take a video of your gear, if you prefer, or think there is some explaining to do about its proper use.

Once photos are taken, you can post a listing in under 5 minutes and then your work is done for as long as you want to keep the listing up. That’s 5 minutes of your time for potentially years of visibility – that’s a solid investment.

Myth #2: It Isn’t Worth My Time

Your time is precious that’s for sure. So make sure what you’re renting out is worth renting out.

Me, I’m happy to rent out smaller and inexpensive items because I believe in gear sharing and want others to have access to all sorts of awesome outdoor items. But I’m sure this is not the case for everyone and a lot of people want to see a higher financial gain with each rental.

Simply rent out items that can be rented out for a higher price: rooftop cargo boxes, portable propane campfires, snowshoe packages, and full camping kits or packages can all have a higher rental value. OR you can give your gear rental a minimum booking length such as 3 days or one week to increase the return on each booking.

Some items aren’t worth renting for just one day and would actually benefit from a minimum booking length. The power is in your hands as the gear owner – choose the rental guidelines that fit your availability and preferences.

Myth #3: The Gear Will Get Ruined

Not many renters want to cause damage to someone else’s gear, especially when they are liable for any costs to replace or repair the gear. Our rental waiver covers you for any negligence caused by the renter, where the rental party will be charged for any obvious damage caused to your used gear.

We also don’t recommend renting out your fancy new backpacking tent (etc) and do recommend listing your extra gear that already has a few scratches and bumps on it.

Let’s be honest if anyone is going to put new scratches or bumps or your shiny new gear it had better be you!

Myth #4: My Gear Won’t Get Rented

The good news is that it is FREE to list and FREE to be a member of this site. So, even if your gear doesn’t rent right away, you have nothing to lose and you are helping grow an outdoor community set on helping the planet.

As this gear share gains more members and more listings, the traffic to the site will continue to grow exponentially. If you are among the first to list in your area, the web traffic is more likely to land on your listing than another listing that was posted later. The internet tends to like older content that has had more visits, so in this case, the early bird gets the worm.

Set 5 minutes aside (10 minutes if you have to find your gear or clean it), get your gear listed and then sit back and relax – your job is done until you receive an email notification that somebody wants to rent your gear.

Another best practice that we recommend is sharing your gear listing on social media once it’s been approved and posted. This helps get the word out about the opportunity and reminds others to get to listing.

Myth #5: Nobody Else I Know Is Renting Their Gear

Be a trendsetter! Just because nobody you know has listed yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about it. Be the one to get the ball rolling. was launched in early 2017, so the word is still getting out. We want to spread our message about sustainable adventuring right across the globe and plan on being the number one outdoor gear rental site in Canada, so this is just the beginning my friends. We gain new sign-ups daily of members looking to rent gear – so as the listings grow, increased bookings and owners will follow.

If you’re onboard and want to help make peer-to-peer gear sharing a thing in Canada then what are you waiting for? Snow season is right around the corner (literally, I heard local mountains have been getting snow already). Get your extra snowshoes, poles and backpack cleaned up, snap some Instagram worthy photos and list that gear!

Let people know now that your gear is available and when that powder hits – you know they’ll come a knockin’. 



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