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What Renters Want to Know

It’s no surprise that gear is important for renters who book a Never Tracked Out Rental. As a new gear-host, it can be difficult to know what possible renters really want to know.

Here are a couple of points that can help you create a great listing: (Not all points will be applicable to all rentals. We will also take this opportunity to remind our hosts that you cannot rent out safety gear.)


-Provide specifications on the gear (ex: size, dimensions, gender-specific, make, model, etc.)

-Remember that you are experienced in activities for your gear but the renter might not be. Help them understand who this gear is meant for (ex: “This backpack is great for me and I’m about 5’7″ and 140 pounds.”)

-If possible then rent your gear out as a package. This is particularly useful for camping equipment, where you can pair the essentials everybody needs for camping into one rental kit.

-What condition is your gear in? Was it recently tuned/serviced? Let your potential renter know.

-Take great pictures of your gear. Show it off in its natural element if possible. Take the time to get the right picture. It is the first thing people see and if it does not appeal to the renter then they might not even read your great listing.

-Mention complimentary rentals that you also have available: like a GoPro.

-And of course: price it fairly. You are trying to encourage people to get outdoors and have an appreciation for the environment. Of course, you will help fund your passions by doing so but if your local shop rents a tent for $20/day then consider this before deciding that you want to host your tent for $30/day.

The idea is to make your renter’s next outdoor adventure easier for them so why not start by listing a rental that has all the information they need and is appealing in every aspect.

As a rental approaches, anxiety can increase for renters. Where do I need to go? How do I get there? Will they meet where we planned to meet? How do I plan what to do on my trip? Put your renter at ease by giving them all of the info they’ll need up front instead of making them wait until the last minute. This establishes trust right away and will most likely garner you a great review, and great reviews lead to bookings.

Comment below if you have any questions or additional suggestions based on your experiences!

– The Never Tracked Out Team


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